Women Entrepreneurship

Empower the Women. Develop the Nation!

No nation can prosper without providing equal employment and business opportunities for females. In a developing country like Pakistan, where females are 51% of the population, its nearly impossible to achieve prosperity without their contribution.

Startup Women is an exclusive empowerment initiative by SDI to provide business education, mentoring, networking and access to seed funding for female entrepreneurs of the region. The initiative’s core purpose is to organize skill development & capacity building training programs for females. Through this platform, we aim to develop a startup culture for females where they can equally play their role for socio-economic development of Pakistan.


Participants develop their businesses along with a 90 days plan of action with guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs.


Fireside Chats allows the startup founders to discuss their life stories & share the choices they made to reach where they are today.


Women Startup Challenge is a stage where female student entrepreneurs compete to develop & launch their business startups.


Top 6 business ideas will get a chance to secure yearly seed funding! PLUS a chance to avail life long mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Are you a female entrepreneur? Have an idea that can help others?

Get a chance to secure seed funding upto PKR 500,000 and an initial soft launch within the campus!