Why Pre-Incubation?

The current channels should have thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in Pakistan's startup ecosystem, so we can have good quality intake.

In order to develop the startup ecosystem every BIC needs to adopt the pre-incubation methodology for enabling the environment & stimulating the spirit in the society.

Pre-Incubation Objectives

  1. Enabling the environment for aspiring entrepreneurs of the campus to come forward and startup their businesses.
  2. Mobilizing university students through entrepreneurial events and competitions
  3. Identifying, exploring and developing campus startup founders, giving them the platform to develop their entrepreneurial abilities.
  4. Preaching and inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in students.
  5. Connecting the student entrepreneurs with seasoned entrepreneurs of their respective industries
  6. Activating the entrepreneurial society of the university and to make it the single point of contact for startups and new business ideas from any department.
  7. Providing new business ideas and applications for your existing business incubation center.
  8. University’s contribution in developing a strong startup ecosystem through holding conferences, exhibitions, monthly forums and massive online and offline publicity campaigns.
  9. Training and coaching of students aspiring entrepreneurs all across the university and educating them about the basic business creation elements through Startup Bootcamp.

Seminars & Speakers Series

University's incubation center will arrange 6 seminars a year. The seminars will feature Pakistan’s renowned personalities, experts, CEOs and entrepreneurs. The purpose of this seminar will be to nurture student entrepreneurs with one goal, to cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the campus.

Campus Startup Challenge (Once a year)

This exciting competition will be organized once a year. The exciting phases of this startup challenge are as follows:

Phase 1

Business Ideas Submission

Phase 2

Shortlisting of Best 50 Ideas

Phase 3

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

Phase 4

Elevator Pitch Competition

Phase 5

Business Plan Development

Phase 6

Grand Finale & Formal Incubation

Startup Boot Camp

Startup Boot Camp is not just a business plan workshop, but it is a broad platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs and their teams develop and launch their business startups. This program provides a network of mentors, coaches for training workshops and industry connections. Participating teams will spend their time at the city university incubation center and will go through a complete business development process that enables their entrepreneurial mindset and spirit.

Annual Startup Conference

Annual conference will be organized once a year in the university campus to motivate and mobilize the students for entrepreneurship. This conference will be one of the main features of the university's incubation center. It will inspire the students to become future entrepreneurs and contribute towards the socioeconomic growth of Pakistan. The conference will feature region’s top-notch personalities for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Monthly Fireside Chats and Networking Sessions

This initiative will be a large independent community of Startups, Innovators and Investors. They will actively connect, inspire and educate the young entrepreneurs of the university over a delectable hi-tea. This will be series of interactive interviews. Seasoned entrepreneurs and experts will share their experience and entrepreneurial journey. These success stories will inspire university students to become the future entrepreneurs.