BIC Management

BIC Management


Why BIC Management

The following business incubation model presents the results of extensive analysis, study of startup trends, and application of specifics, unique to any BIC. We believe our model provides a complete incubation management & communications strategy which will culminate in highly successful results for your incubation center.


  1. Identifying, exploring and developing regional competitiveness
  2. Enhancing links between universities, research institutions and the business community
  3. Contribute to the growth and success of emerging technology businesses
  4. Local job creation through establishing small businesses
  5. Launching & scaling up more than 10 successful startups per year
  6. Developing a strong startup ecosystem through holding conferences, exhibitions, monthly forums and massive online and offline publicity campaigns

Formulation of Mentors & Advisory Board

In order to make your BIC a success, we will surround you with an advisory board of credible people which will feature Pakistan’s top notch personalities, professionals, national leaders and entrepreneurs. This league of great minded people will not only guide the young entrepreneurs but they will also be mentoring the startup teams of your BIC.

Incubation Workshops

Interactive workshop sessions always play a vital role in the entrepreneurial culture. Workshop is a place of discussion and practical work on a particular topic. The participants along with the trainer of that workshop share their knowledge and expertise related to that topic. The benefits of attending a workshop are networking, brainstorming, sharing ideas and possible solutions for a problem.

The entrepreneurs who are planning to run a Startup will need plenty of tips and advice. Attending an entrepreneur workshop is an excellent way to get the information you need in a creative environment. These workshops are usually conducted by successful people who have a vast professional and entrepreneurial experience.

Following workshops will be conducted for the incubatees on the following areas

  1. Product Development
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Promotions & Brand Activations
  4. Sales Training
  5. Basic Accounts & Finance for Entrepreneurs
  6. Operations Management (End to end delivery)
  7. Team Building
  8. Personal Development

Business Plan Development

A comprehensive and focused business plan format will be followed to develop a clear feasibility of the business within 1 month of the incubation. It will give the following basic information about the business

Startup capital required to start this business.

How the products/services would be sold (Marketing Channels & Budgets)

What skillsets would be required to run and grow this business?

When the business will get back the initial amount invested (Breakeven point)

Prototyping & Soft Launch

Three months would be spend on prototyping or soft launch of the products and services. Soft launch is a process in which startup founder launches its business for a specific group of people or in a very specific market to authenticate the product and sales processes.

In this case a startup founder should develop the following mandatory items:

  1. Company Live Website/Mobile App
  2. Products/Services Catalog
  3. Basic Marketing Materials (Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Standees, Visiting cards etc.)
  4. Mailchimp Account & Training for the Direct Marketing
  5. Systems & Processes for Immediate Deivery/Operations
  6. Company Registration and other legal documents, contracts, MoUs, NTN & Invoices etc.

Venture Capital Funding

The start of a new venture is always a challenging process. The most critical aspect for any venture is capital. In order to start a new venture you will need outside funding from an investor who supports startup companies. Therefore, it is critical for an entrepreneur to be familiar with venture capital. SDI will help the entrepreneurs to become familiar with Venture Capital Funding and to connect them with renowned investors. The following aspects will be highlighted to the entrepreneurs.

  1. Value a New Venture
  2. Understanding the ROI & align investor pitches
  3. Raise Money to support Business Growth
  4. Identify New Venture Investment Opportunities
  5. Generate returns from venture capital
  6. Collaborators

In almost any kind of initiative, finding other groups and organizations with similar interests, that are willing to work with you on common issues or projects, is strategically advantageous. SDI will help your BIC in collaboration with other organizations.

Mentoring Sessions - Ideas that Inspire

"Ideas That Inspire" will be a 03-hour long mentoring session in which all participants will be divided into industries and assigned to each selected mentors. These sessions will prove to be highly interactive. The participants will be facilitated to ask specific sets of questions which they had in their minds. Moreover the mentors will also connect them with other senior entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Mentoring session will be conducted once in a month at your BIC. The mentoring sessions may be related to the following industries:

  1. Technology
  2. Arts & Culture
  3. Food
  4. Fashion & Apparel
  5. Retail
  6. Education
  7. Engineering
  8. Education
  9. Healthcare
  10. Media
  11. Social Entrepreneurship